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East Cape first to use Innegra


June 7, 2010 – Simpsonville, SC – Innegrity LLC, a high-performance fiber manufacturer focused on the composites industry, is pleased to announce that East Cape Skiffs is the first to integrate InnegraTM S fiber into the hulls and decks of its fishing boats, beginning with their celebrated Vantage model. Their long-range plans include both glass and carbon boats incorporating Innegra fibers to reduce weight and increase durability.  As an innovator in the manufacture of performance skiffs, East Cape has found Innegra S fibers to give a lighter weight, tougher boat and deliver the benefits of more expensive fibers at an attractive price point.

“Other manufacturers depend more on maintaining the status quo, while East Cape is in a constant battle to one-up itself to maintain the “king of skiffs” title and create something new in the market place. We are able to achieve this by delivering a far superior product at an amazing price with Innegra,” say East Cape co-owners Kevin Fenn and Marc Page. “East Cape is a bet on technology as we are continually looking for ways of improving our products with advances from other companies like Innegrity.”

Innegra S is the lightest performance fiber on the market while also delivering increased toughness and impact resistance, key requirements for boats that must navigate shallow flats or cut through big chop. Through the use of hybrid Innegra/glass fabrics, East Cape can maximize efficiency in its manufacturing process by reducing infusion times among other things. What’s more, Innegra allows for reduced use of resin and other input materials.

“East Cape is a pioneer in using newer materials to build tougher, more rugged skiffs for more demanding waters so we were certainly delighted they chose our fiber as the cornerstone of their most rugged skiff,” says Brian G. Morin, Ph.D., CEO of Innegrity LLC. “By using Innegra fibers, East Cape is able to create a lighter, quicker boat that can still take the tough waters, which their customers are looking for.”

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About Innegrity
Innegrity manufactures high performance Innegra™ fiber for use in composite, ballistic and rope applications. The fiber delivers light weight and toughness at a cost that is reasonable compared to other high performance fibers, and has been used in combination with carbon, aramid and polyethylene fibers. Current applications include automotive, recreation, sporting goods, marine, industrial and ballistics. The company was founded in 2004, began pilot manufacturing in 2007 and started full-scale production in early 2009 in their 120,000 square foot facility in Simpsonville, SC.

About East Cape
East Cape Skiffs builds shallow water boats and inshore skiffs with four different models and more coming. They are based out of Orlando, Florida and though the majority of their customers are located in coastal areas of the southeast they have customers running their boats all over the United States and abroad. As the oldest skiff manufacturer still under original ownership, East Cape stands atop the podium bringing the latest technology, the best craftsmanship, the most customization, their own original designs, and great customer service, all at an amazing price in a package for fisherman by fisherman.